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3 leadership lessons from Howard Schultz, Satya Nadella, and Jeff Bezos

3 leadership lessons from Howard Schultz, Satya Nadella, and Jeff Bezos3 leadership lessons from Howard Schultz, Satya Nadella, and Jeff BezosHow would youdescribe an effective leader?There are many ways to answer that question, but most would agree thattrue leadershipinvolves the ability to practice what one preaches, to set the example, and to inspire others.Over the past few years, Ive studied the leadership styles of numerous successful business leaders while researching my forthcoming book,EQ, Applied The Real World Guide to Emotional Intelligence.One lesson that stood out is the powerful way email is used (yes, email) to quickly communicate vital lessons at the right time.Below, youll find excerpts of three extraordinary emails from the chief executives ofStarbucks, Microsoft andAmazon, and the brilliant lessons we learn from each.Starbuckss Howard Schultz inspires employees after stock market chaosIn August 2015, signs of an economic slowdown in China triggered panic and resul ted in more than $1 trillion being wiped from Asian markets, sending the Dow plunging 588 points in a single day and prompting the trending hashtag GreatFallOfChina.Starbuckss chief executive at the time, Howard Schultz, wanted to make sure Starbucks employees were well aware of the situation - all 190,000 of them. So, hesent a compelling memoencouraging them to show special consideration for consumersur customers are likely to experience an increased level of anxiety and concern. Please recognize this andas you always haveremember that our success is leid an entitlement, but something we need to earn, every day. Lets be very sensitive to the pressures our customers may be feeling, and do everything we can to individually and collectively exceed their expectations. The experience we deliver in our stores, the strength and equity of our brand, and the primary reason for our current and future success is because of all of YOU. I believe in you and have never been prouder to be your p artner.TakeawaysLeadership and culture start at the top.It would have been easy for Schultz to read the news and move on, neglecting the opportunity to have any type of impact on his employees. But Schultz took advantage of a great opportunity to exert positive influence - in this case, inspiring his people to improve their customer service on what would certainly be a depressing day for many.Schultz managed to do this, notlage in a manner that was condescending or demeaning, but rather while dignifying and praising his people at the same time.Microsofts Satya Nadella encourages employees after an epic failAbout a year ago, Microsoft launched a Twitter bot by the name of Tay (officially,, in an attempt to advance artificial intelligence communication. Things went desperately wrong, though, when hackers and others caused Tay to begin spewing racist and profane comments - prompting Microsoft to shut down Tay just a few hours later and apologize.No doubt, the Tay team must ha ve felt extremely down after this debacle. So you can imagine their response when they received anemail from their CEO that included the following statementsKeep pushing, and know that I am with you (The) key is to keep learning and improving.TakeawaysPeople need to know youve got their back.We all make mistakes. The question is, how can you help your people recover from those failures?In an interview, Nadella went on to explain the reasoning behind his encouraging tone.Its so critical for leaders not to freak people out, but to give them air cover to solve the real problem. If people are doing things out of fear, its hard or impossible to actually drive any innovation.When you encourage and build others up, rather than dishearten and tear down, theyll be motivated to continue giving their best.Jeff Bezos uses aNew York Timesexpos to make Amazon betterIn the summer of 2015,The New York Timespublished a scathing pieceportraying Amazon, the worlds largest retailer, as a brutal employ er that puts innovation and company performance above its peoples well-being.Im sure Bezos felt the criticism was unduly biased. (I dont recognize this Amazon, and I very much hope you dont either, Bezos told employees.)Butthrough an internal memo, Amazons chief nevertheless encouraged his people to read theTimespiece, and to escalate to HR any stories they knew of like those reported - even inviting individuals to email him directly. (Interestingly,Amazon later revealed significant changesto the way it would assess employees moving forward.)TakeawaysBezos initial response demonstrated a remarkable ability toset emotions aside and learn from criticism - even if its not delivered in an ideal way.Criticism is never easy to take, but it can help us discover blind spots and find areas for improvement. And even in those cases where negative feedback is completely unfounded, it still provides the opportunity to see things from another perspective - which can lead to invaluable insights. Remember, true leadershipisnt about having a title or trying to impress others.Its about great communication and taking action - telling your people what they need to hear, when they need to hear it, and setting the example for them to follow.This article originally appeared on LinkedIn.

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Why the Salton Sea Accident Is the Worst Employee Fail of the Century

Why the Salton Sea Accident Is the Worst Employee Fail of the CenturyWhy the Salton Sea Accident Is the Worst Employee Fail of the CenturyThe Salton Sea welches never meant to exist.But it did.For decades, it served as a gorgeous holiday resort, attracting massive crowds of tourists every year (more than the Yosemite Valley).But all it offers today is a bleak, desolate landscape and its level of toxicity deters anyone to tread anywhere near.So what happened? If youre unfamiliar with the story, heres a quick rundown.New rivers and a new lakeCalifornia is dry as hell. Farmers need a reliable source of water and the conditions werent much different at the beginning of the 20th century.To be able to cope with the hot desert climate of the Imperial Valley, they were looking to tap into the Colorado River to irrigate their crops.To help them out, the California Development Company decided to dredge two intake gorges. But without the use of floodgates.And, as history shows, that was a grave human engineering error.Courtesy of NBCThe canals levees were simply too small to handle flood waters. Whats more, the intakes soon became clogged with silt deposits from the Colorado River and the water stopped flowing.In 1905, heavy rainfall combined with snowmelt broke through the canals headworks. The unstoppable flow of water from the Colorado River gave birth to new rivers now called the New River and Alamo.These rivers took the water into the Salton Sink area. And it took almost two years to create what we now know as the Salton Sea.Nonetheless, the area rose into prominence in the 50s as a new vibrant tourist site and alsosaw a boom in recreational fishing with harbors and vacation homes dotting its sandy beaches.But the heyday couldnt last. Just a few decades later, the golden age of the Salton Sea was inevitably coming to close. The lake was dying - and animals couldnt stand it, either. The ever-increasing salinity and heavy pollution wiped off most fish and bird species , turning the lake into a completely barren wasteland.The environmental catastrophe was starting to take its toll. And if you think this sad story cant get any sadder, get ready to enter the surreal.Courtesy of Still UnfoldWhen nature goes nutsIn 1928, the Salton Sea came in very handy. The Congress was looking for a place to deposit agricultural wastewater and they choose the manmade to become a repository for this runoff - something thats still taking place today.Unfortunately, this decision only sped up the process of turning a popular pleasure hotpot into a merciless death trap.The Salton Sea became 35% saltier than the ocean and even the most salt-loving animal species couldnt spawn any longer.The lake was toxic, with fish dying in large masses because of oxygen starvation caused by overabundant algae.It was no longer a place to live, it was a place to suffer.Courtesy of NBC NewsAir pollution soon became an issue, too. The wind has been kicking up the dust - which contains to xic pesticides - from its increasingly exposed playa and taking it to neighboring human settlements and even farther.And the result?Imperial County is now battling with the highest asthma hospitalization rates in the state.The lakes also been burping up hydrogen sulfide, a gas created by the decaying organic matter trapped beneath the water. The rotting carcasses and decaying algae make the lakes rotten-egg stench unbearable.This smell can travel for quite a bit and its been reported to have reached Los Angeles - which is over a hundred miles awayCourtesy of NBC NewsA mistake of a lakeLike infamous Chernobyl (arguably even worse employee fail of the century), the Salton Sea Accident devastated a vast area of land and maimed lives of its inhabitants.Sure, there are surely hundreds of other such places across the world where ecosystem nightmares have resulted from humankinds rush to come up with short-term solutions to complex problems such as coping with severe drought or taming nu clear energy.To see more examples of when engineering goes wrong, check out Chinas outrageous Three Gorges Dam project displacing over a million people. Or Mexicos wind farms irrevocably changing lives of indigenous people and flooding farmers crops.Engineering mistakes and employee fails will never cease to entertain us. We got used to laughing at other peoples stupidity in amusing Youtube compilations and you had only one job memes.But the infamous time-bomb amid California drought is something different. It teaches us the hard way to measure twice and cut once. To think ahead and do things properly.This speaks to everyone, from waterworks builders to IT engineers and healthcare workers. And while the decisions in our nine-to-five jobs might not impact the lives of whole generations of people, we need to become responsible for our everyday actions - be it work-related or not.Share Your Feedback or Ideas in the Comments

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How to Find Jobs at the Olympics

How to Find Jobs at the OlympicsHow to Find Jobs at the OlympicsSummer Olympic Games are held every four years during leap years, which means in 2020, 2024 etc. The Winter Olympics also take place every four years and alternate with the Summer Olympics- 2022, 2026, etc. Countries that want to host the games submit bids to the zwischenstaatlich Olympics Committee (IOC.)IOC members choose winners seven years in advance, giving the host cities time to prepare for the event. With each Olympic Games comes a slew of job opportunities, as well as chances to volunteer. The upcoming Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan,in 2022 has a variety of employment and volunteer opportunities available. Job listings are beginning to be posted for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, Paris 2024 Summer Olympics, and dann lass uns Angeles 2028 Summer Olympics. Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics The Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan will take place from July 24 to August 9. You can find details about the games on th e officialTokyo 2020website, also available inEnglishandFrench. Use Google Translator to translate the site into a multitude of other languages.Connect with Tokyo 2020 onFacebookand Tokyo2020on Twitter. Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Beijing, the capital of China, will host the Olympic Winter Games from February 4 through 20. Official information is available on theBeijing 2022website in Chinese, English, and French. Paris 2024 Summer Olympics The 2024 Summer Olympic Games will run fromJuly 26 to August 11 in Paris, France.Official information is available on theParis 2024website in English andFrench. Connect with Paris 2024 onFacebook and Paris2024on Twitter. Winter 2026 Olympics The host city for the Winter 2026 Olympics has leid yet been announced. The IOC will make its selection in September 2019 at the IOC sessionin Milan, Italy. Los Angeles 2028 Summer Olympics Los Angeles, California, was announced as the host city of the 2028 Summer Olympics in September 2017. The IOCannounced Los Angeles as the host city forSummer Olympics 2028 through the approval of an Extraordinary IOC Session. The Los Angeles 2028 Summer Olympics will be held from July 21 to August 6. Official information is available on theLA 2028website in English, Spanish, and French. Connect with LA 2028 onFacebook, atLA2028on Twitter, or onInstagram, or follow the officialYouTube channel. The International Olympic Committee Careers The International Olympic Committee, which is based in Lausanne, Switzerland, oversees all activities surrounding the Olympic Games. You can view current job openings with the IOC on the organizationswebsiteor onLinkedIn. National Olympic Committee Careers Each country has its own Olympic committee, known as National Olympic Committees (NOCs). The NOCs are overseen by the IOC. If you would like to work for the United States Olympic Committee, you can view current job listings on theirwebsite. Each countrys Olympic committee also has its own we bsite where you can find job listings and volunteer opportunities. You can find your countrys website by checking the National Olympic Committees webpage. Jobs at the Olympics Jobs at the Olympics can be found from a variety of sources. Jobs begin to be posted more heavily approximately one to two years before the event. Popular job sites listing jobs at the Tokyo 2022 Summer Olympics include,, and Each Olympic website also includes information on job listings and volunteer opportunities.

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4 Reasons Job Postings Dont List Salary, And What to Do

4 Reasons Job Postings Dont List Salary, And What to Do 4 Reasons Job Postings Dont List Salary, And What to Do 6As online job boards have become the preferred method of advertising for open positions today, many job seekers have elendiced a downward trend in the number of job postings without salary and benefits details. Understandably, this can be a source of frustration to those looking for jobs, especially because the application process has become much more involved and time-consuming in recent years. Although the pursuit to have a career that fulfills you emotionally is a noble one, many job seekers have a specific degree, a number of years with progressing experience, or a personal bottom line that requires serious consideration of the salary that an opening offers. A position that clearly posts the associated salary range can save a job seeker a great deal of time and effort. If you have ever found yourself asking why salary isnt always listed on a job posting, we have some a nswers.Four reasons why job postings dont list salary1. Employers today have found its not necessary to list salary.In recent years, the trend has been tonot include salary and benefits information in job listings. During the Great Recession spanning 2007 through 2009, human resource departments became inundated with job applications from professionals seeking work. It was at this time that employers found they no longer had to include salary information to attract high-quality applicants.Even though our economy has reached new highs in the aftermath of the Great Recession, many companies continued this trend, opting to list that the salary depends on experience (DOE) or is commensurate with experience. This means that employer will sift tailor its salary and the extent of its benefits package based on the level of knowledge and experience that a given candidate brings to the table.Perhaps a company is entertaining the notion of filling a role with either a younger employee whos hit ting their career stride, but may require more training, or an achieved professional who has shown they can do the job, but might cost more money up front. While both options could be a strong fit, employers will consider several variables before naming their number.2. Withholding salary gives employers more negotiating power.Employers want to find out as much as possible about a candidate before revealing details about income. In some cases, for example, companies with a remote workforce dont have to pay as much for employees living in rural areas with lower costs of living. Often, candidates from smaller towns are satisfied with a lower income than someone who lives in an expensive metropolitan city, though they may have the same skills.All of this information can play into an employers salary offer. When it comes to remote jobs, location is often a factor in how an employer sets the salary, says briekse Weiler Reynolds, senior career specialist and career coach. That changes thin gs because you may be live hundreds or thousands of miles away from the office, or there may not be an office at all To figure out what salary range you can expect, conduct your salary research using three locations your location, the companys headquarters location, and a country-only search. With these three locations, youll see the broad range of your potential salary.3. Employers want to avoid competition between current and new employees.In a perfect world, all employees doing the same job would make the same amount of money when they started out. Realistically, however, each employee brings individual skills and experiences to a job that makes them more or less valuable in terms of salary. The amount of money an individual is willing to settle for and their location are also factors that influence compensation.If companies posted salary information in job descriptions, current employees could easily view salary information for new hires and that couldfoster competition and unre st within the company.4. Employers want to avoid competition between other companies within the industry.In todays market, companies also dont want to advertise their compensation packages because it makes them more vulnerable to their competition. Competing organizations could use salary information to win over candidates by offering them more money or target high-performing senior staffers within that organization.What to do when salary isnt included in a job posting Three tactics.1. Negotiate your salary.Many job seekers find it awkward tonegotiate salary. They worry about how their request will be perceived and whether theyll be viewed as demanding, greedy, or just not worth it.If youve increased productivity, improved customer satisfaction, saved or earned a company money, or gone above the call of duty in other ways for former employers, be sure to talk about that and show how you can bring the same results to the company in which youre applying.2. Know before you go.Knowing e verything you can about the company and the average pay for the job is crucial. Start with a simple Google search of the companys name and research the companys website. Glassdooris another resource for finding inside information on companies from former and current employees.Glassdoor offers company reviews, salary reports, benefits reviews, and much more to help job seekers learn about prospective employers. Other useful resources for finding out the zentralwert salaries for a given occupation include PayScale and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.3. Get it in writing.Once youve negotiated a fair salary and accepted a position with your new employer, be sure to get your agreed-upon salary and benefits in writing. Doing so will eliminate any possible misinterpretations and offer you a paper trail of the final negotiations.Although its becoming less common to see salary information within a job posting, there are ways to gain a general understanding of what a specific position mig ht pay. Being educated about the companies you apply to, their industry, and the job market is the best way to land a great job at a salary that works well for both you and the company. So even though there are reasons why salary isnt listed on a job posting, candidates can still be prepared to get what they want.Are you currently searching for a new job? helps job seekers find flexible work arrangements ranging from partially remote to fully remote in more than 50 categories. Partner companies include Fortune 500 brands, nonprofits, and mid- to small-size businesses.GET CONNECTED TO FLEXIBLE JOBS TODAY

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Why and how women must prepare differently for the future

Why and how women must prepare differently for the futureWhy and how women must prepare differently for the futureAs a financial coach, I choose to work specifically with women, because I know that womens financial situations differ from mens. Im passionate about pay inequality, reproductive rights, domestic violence, sexual harassment, and the investment gap. I also know that women think about and use their money differently than men do. But how do all of these things affect womens lives and futures for the long term?I recently spoke with Lisa Margeson, head of retirement client experience and communications atBank of America Merrill Lynch. We talked about the findings in Merrill Lynchs report,Women Financial Wellness Beyond the Bottom Line. Based on the report findings and my conversation with Lisa, Ill tell you why and how women need to plan for their futures differently than men do.Women live longerOn average, women live at least 5 years longer than men do. This means that women will need mora money and mora healthcare. This also means that many women will end up single at the end of their lives, helfende handing themselves. By age 85, women outnumber men two to one and 81 percent of centenarians are women. Two-thirds of women hope to live to be 100 years old, but most of these women are also afraid of running out of money during that time. In addition, the average woman will have 39 percent higher health costs than the average man in retirement, paying an additional $194,000. Thats a lot of money.What can you do about it?Understand the savings vehicles that you have with respect to health saving. If you enroll in a high-deductible insurance plan, take advantage of the HSA (health savings account) that is offered for you. This account affords you triple tax savings because you put yur money in pre-tax, it grows as an investment tax-free, and you can withdraw tax-free for qualifying healthcare expenses. You are eligible for an HSA on your own or through you r employer, as long as you participate in a qualified high-deductible health plan (HDHP).Make sure you and your partner (if you have one) gets permanent life insurance while youre still young and healthy. You should get at least enough to cover a mortgage (if you have one) and anything that you or your partner is responsible for paying for. This will financially protect either of you in the darbietung of death. Ill go into this more below, but you should also start saving early and save as much as you can for retirement throughout your life.Women earn and save lessIm sure youve heard of the wage gap. It means that on average, women earn 20 percent less than men for the same work. That gap gets much worse for women of color, some earning up to 50 percent less than men. And this wage gap doesnt only affect women while they are working, it follows them throughout their lifetime by contributing to the investment gap.Due to earning less, women are saving and investing less as well. This means that they accumulate less in their retirement accounts than men do. By earning less, youre contributing less, your employer is matching less, and youre earning less interest. By the time a woman reaches retirement age, she will have earned over $400,000 less than a man,even if she never stopped working for any reason.What can you do about it?First of all, negotiate your salary Yes, the wage gap is not just the fault of women not negotiating their salary properly. However, negotiating for more moneyisone way to help close that gap, and a great way to make sure that you earn more over the course of your career. So, negotiate for more when youre offered a new job, negotiate for more when youre getting a raise or promotion, and always increase the amount youre putting into retirement when your salary goes up.According to Lisa, womens number one regret around money is not investing more. Start investing for retirement as early as possible, and save as much as you can. It can be con fusing at first, so dont be afraid to talk about money and ask questions about investing. If your employer offers a retirement plan, they are required to provide a financial expert to answer questions about it. Set up a meeting with that expert once a year and make sure that youre investing responsibly based on your retirement timeline. Keep that dialogue going and educate yourself as much as possible. The more confident you are about your financial knowledge, the more likely you are to take positive action.Womens careers are interrupted more oftenThe wage gap cannot be explained away by women taking time off to raise children, even though some people try to use that argument. However, women are still the primary caregiver in American households. Shockingly, women spend 44 percent of their lives out of the workforce for various reasons. Compare that to men, who spend only 28 percent of their adult lives out of the workforce.This can look like taking time off to care for children or taking time off to care for a spouse or parent. This time off means women are losing income and losing time where they would otherwise be contributing money to their retirement. It can absolutely be detrimental to a womans future ability to support herself.What can you do about it?Plan for career interruptions early. Invest as much as possible from the beginning of your career, especially if you plan on having children. Even if you dont plan to have children, you never know if your partner or another loved one will need your care later on. So, save earlier and save more, if you can.Get clear on the financial implications and trade-offs that would come along with taking time off of work to be a caretaker. How will it affect you in the long run? Can you afford to take time off, or should you look into outsourcing that care? Can you decrease the amount of time that youre working, rather than leaving the workforce entirely? Its important to ask yourselves these kinds of questions so tha t you are as prepared as possible.The moral of this report is that womens lives play out differently than mens, and that affects our financial wellness in big ways. We have to be aware of these differences and prepare for them. While we are trying to improve big things like the wage gap and investment gap, we must also take action in our own lives to ensure that we are taken care of.This post was originally published on myWomenForbescolumn.

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Whatever They Told You About Servers Job Description for Resume Is Dead Wrong...And Heres Why

Whatever They Told You About Servers Job Description for Resume Is Dead Wrong...And Heres Why Finding the Best Servers Job Description for Resume Lets look at Server resumes and how it is possible to make yurs shine Restaurant server job description may also consist of many unique duties, which might depend on type of restaurant in which theyre employed. Thus, its understandable to have an extensive work experience for a Server. The crucial point to remember about the server work environment at IHOP is that youll be moving constantly. A Busser and Server Assistant is must be a jack-of-all-trades and might want to perform duties which are not part of her or his true job description. Then you may be prepared for a server job. Our Server resume sample has all of the ingredients to produce your application stick out from the rest. If this Restaurant Server resume example was not sufficient for you, youre absolutely free to review a few other samples and templates from our websit e. Details of Servers Job Description for Resume Many restaurant managers and owners want to get servers who wish to create a career in the restaurant market. Working in the restaurant business is a comparatively effortless, quick money-making job and isnt necessarily challenging to get. It is hiring. The food retail company is consistently growing. Your manager is not going to always be around to assist you cope with upset clients. One of the primary reasons you have to know the server job description whilst in the hotel and catering industry is that you might have to watch performance evaluated business. Its also acceptable for a candidate searching for a management status in the restaurant market. A global technology and company service was searching for a senior hardware engineer to present a range of services, including detecting security weaknesses and providing support for servers. The Debate Over Servers Job Description for Resume Once you have made a busser job de scription, have a moment to examine our busboy interview questions. If thats the case, there are a few instructions that you need to follow for you to develop the best resume. Paying attention to the specifics of orders is a significant part of your work and one which matters to the total caliber of your work. Part-time employment within this line of work is normal. Our resume builder makes it simple to create an in a few minutes. Its fast and simple to use. Below are a couple of job postings which were open during April of 2012. Job descriptions for the identical position will read differently depending on the type of job that youre searching for now. Resumes may set the tone for your upcoming career. In some facilities, employed as a waitress demands additional duties. A waiter will likewise be asked to try to remember a variety of details about the food and beverage lists. A superb waiter ought to be able to fulfill the requirements of the customer, even if theyre not being entirely fair. Being a waiter or waitress isnt an effortless job. As soon as its very probable that you fully grasp the fundamental duties of a restaurant server, you might not know exactly how much work and skill enters the job. Youll be working with different servers, busboys, bartenders and cooks to earn an amazing dining experience. Resumes are the absolute most important portion of obtaining a job once it comes to jobs related to serving like a waiter, waitress, food servers when least number of technical skills is necessary. Coordinate with kitchen staff to guarantee timely and accurate purchase preparation. The Servers Job Description for Resume Trap An excellent memory will provide help. It is work that is demanding physically as you must be constantly moving. Though its the ideal job for men and women who get bored easily on the job. Fantastic luck and receive the ideal job soon. A high electricity and diplomatic comportment, even in the surface of interperso nal conflict, could influence your tip-dependent income. Your employment could depend on how you could be ready to convince the man reading your resume that youre among the people they should consider. No formal education is necessary. According to the US laws there isnt any formal education necessary for a bartender job.

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American Express + PowerToFly An Evening with a VP of Tech Development

American Express + PowerToFly An Evening with a VP of Tech Development American Express is one of the most elite brands and admired companies in the world and now here is your option to join them PowerToFly would like to invite you and a very select group of women to connect with us at an exclusive evening with American Express SVP of Technology Michael Ruttledge, Vice President of Technology Development Eva Stamos, and other female leaders in tech for product demonstrations. Well also have the opportunity for a one-on-one chat with Eva and a chance to network with American Express executives and other women in tech.Do you want more? Then you got it We will also be offering FREE HEADSHOTS at the departure and close of the event so make sure you arrive on time All attendees will receive a complimentary gift bag from American ExpressFor more information, be sure to check out American Express at PowerToFly. Agenda530pm - Check-In, Networking and Free Headshots over light appetizers600pm - Event Kickoff with PowerToFlys Co-Founder President Katharine Zaleski605pm - Opening Remarks by Michael Ruttledge, American Express SVP Unit CIO Technology615pm - Product Demonstrations by Female Tech Leaders635pm - Fireside Chat on diversity, technology and life at American Express with American Express Vice President of Technology Development Eva Stamos PowerToFlys Katharine Zaleski705pm - QA with Eva Stamos725pm - Networking and Free Headshots over light appetizers800pm - Complimentary Gift BagsIf you are an engineer in the Phoenix area, this is your exclusive chance to learn more about amazing products and innovative programs that American Express has to offer - not to mention your chance to meet American Express executives and female tech leaders face to faceRegister now to claim a spotPassword POWERTOFLYWhen you check-in, please provide the name and email address that you registered with. You will not be admitted without a photo ID. Please be sure to arrive early as you will need to go through security upon arrival.About our EventsAll RSVPd attendees are welcome, regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender identity, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, or age. If you require accommodation to fully participate in this event, please email, and we will contact you to discuss your specific needs.Create Your Free Profile.Unfortunately, PowerToFly and the company it is holding an event on behalf of cannot admit outside recruiters to that particular event. Please email if you have any questions about this policy.